Negro Blanco Café, is a specialty bar of award-winning Mexican coffee grown by renowned farms from Veracruz to Chiapas, our task was to make an essential and sincere brand, without tricks or anything else, a simple name for a simple but very enriching experience.







Our work is about the people and what they seek to achieve with their life and projects, Saul Murillo has been a great promoter of the Mexican coffee culture in Chihuahua, his search for the best beans became "Black White Coffee" a bar of specialty focused on serving the real coffee of Mexico.

The communication system for the brand is based on simple elements, both technical and emotional, on the one hand the grid allows us to make different metrics, and on the other the illustration that brings a more empathetic side to the activities around the coffee. Our graphic system and interior design proyect  is simple and efficient, so that the protagonist is coffee at all times.

The name comes from the most common combinations of drink: coffee, water and milk, in which the combination of these three values to a different extent create the variety of drinks from the menu.

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