Starter dough, salt and much love, the key ingredients to create the best bread in the city, for Regina Lafon "Bread and love" not only represents her first project as a chef specializing in pastry, but also an opportunity to fill a gap in the craft bread market in the region, our construction of visual identity enables a romantic and fun language about the origin of bread in Greece, a touch of warmth and good humor complement the recipe of this lovely bakery.

Bread & Love


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"Bread and Love is a brand that embraces its customers with a touch of finesse and good humor, accessible and out of the traditional"

The Greeks attributed the origin of bread to the gods and gave it a sacred character. For many years in ancient Greece its consumption was limited to the most privileged classes, which would eat fermented bread.


The packaging system is designed to be an accessible solution, since Bread and Love products are designed for daily use, however, the blue color adds a certain substitution to the entire identity.

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