Artsynonym, is a platform to link all kinds of artists, curators, museums and designers to make the streets of the city a museum, ensures that their project is a clear example of how art can transform cities. His focus is to generate products derived from the interaction of artists with brands, a communion that generates truly competitive advantages for both parties, and that, above all, promotes urban art.




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This project was from the beginning, conceived as a projection channel for Mexican talent, the creative path was thought of something very simple that would give more importance to the artists of the Artsynonym catalog, The main logo typography as such represents the freedom of movement and the movements of urban art of the eighties.

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One of the things that we were clear at the beginning of the process is that we did not want a very restrictive system, that is why the logo is supported by different iconograms, which can be used within the system with some freedom.

               “The city is my workplace and my source of inspiration. Its colors and architecture fascinate
me and help me imagine how a wall can tell a story in public space. ”

- Enriqueta Arias, Founder.


Art direction for media content.




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