2CAP represents the transformation of a family business selling sports caps, into a trendy andspecialized brand of this product for everyone, from aficionados to sports teams, skaters to peoplewho simply see the “cap” as a lifestyle and including a fashion fetish.







 The brand is presented as a boutique of this product, which reflects the dynamism and pace of life in the city. A series of iconic elements of urban pop culture are abstracted within the development of image, for the direction of art the city happened as a scene of the life of the creatures of concrete.

The cap got its start in the 19th Century as a sunbonnet. Back then, pale skin was a standard of beauty, so Victorian era women employed the sunbonnet as a sunblock to protect their skin from the sun. The bonnets were made of cloth and had a stiff bill made from straw and a design element that carried over for generations, influencing contemporary fitted cap styles today.

Since it was a garment of almost exclusive use in the world of sports, fitted caps became an icon of urban culture around the world, it is also an emblem that represents the tastes and ideology of the wearer.

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